Automatic Adustment Pistol Grip fire Nozzle-spray gun
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Technical Parameter

Outline Dimension




Inlet Size

65,50,40, available other sizes

Rated Pressure

6 Bar

Rated Flow


Pressure scope


Adjustment Range

200-300-400-500 L/min

Connection Inlet coupling

British Instantaneous coupling(John Morris coupling), Storz coupling, Machino coupling,Gost coupling and Rotta coupling, Finnish coupling, Forestry coupling

Spray Function

Shower spray, direct current, fog and gun bore high pressure washing

Basic Function

On-Off; water hose anti-clogging current

Additional function

Prepare spraying foam mixture for foam generation tube


High strength aviation aluminum alloy ( T5 heat treatment)

Surface Treatment

Anodized in 50 microns


Production Introduction

1.      New type aluminum alloy AGS structure, T5 heat treatment, light tough anddurable.

2.      50 micron anode oxidization and Teflon coating treatment are performed toavoid mechanical disruption and chemical erosion.

3.      The anti-collision socket of EPDM gun head is made of high elasticmaterial, which is an excellent insulator that does not melt at hightemperature.

4.      Pistol style handler ( made of EPDM) that meets the ergonomics design isslip resistant and easy to operate.

5.      High quality foam can be generated when equipped with foam device andcombined with foam expansion tube.


Technical Features

1.      Both flow adjustment and gun bore high pressure washing can be realized bymeans of rotating flow adjustment switch, which is selectable with flowindicated on it; as long as a flow is selected, such flow may be obtained underthe pressure of 6 bar (rated pressure).

2.      Rotating input interface can avoid the wind-up of water hose.

3.      Maximum work pressure is 16 bar.

4.      Switch operation is swift and convenient.


1.      Slowly turn on and turn off while in use

2.      ON: pull the handle toward to water inlet

3.      OFF: pull the handle toward to water outlet

4.      Spraying status can be changed by rotating water shape adjustment switchto realize the effects of fogging.

5.      5 shifts of flow can be adjusted by rotating flow adjustment switch tosatisfy the use on various occasions.


1.      Turn on and turn off slowly. Turning on quickly will produce suddenthrust. Turning on or off quickly will lead to water hammer.

2.      When the pressure is lower than indicated on the lable, the flow of nozzlewill be deduced. Ensure that you’ve gotten enough flow and pressure.

3.      It cannot be used for fire hazard caused by electricity, or else it maylead to electric shock.

4.      Use fresh water or standard firefighting foam. Saline water is notrecommended. It shall be washed with fresh water after using foam or salinewater.

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