What benefits you get when your choose light-weighted aluminum camlock coupling?
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1.     Aluminum Camlock Quick Coupling

1)     Introduction: ICM Aluminumcamlock fittings or cam and groove coupling are light- weighted economical anddurable hose couplings which are often found in various pumps, tanks, IBCs andequipment where hose changing is frequent. Aluminum Acoples Camlock always usedto assemble with PVC lay flat hose, PVC suction hose and industrial suction/dischargehoses.

2)     ICM Aluminum camlock couplingspecification:

a.     Standard: AA59326 (MIL-27487);DIN2828

b.     Types: A, B, C, D, E, F, DC,DP, AA, DD, DA, FLA, FLC,

c.     Sizes:1/2-8”

d.     Casting Way: Gravity castingwith T6 treatment and Die casting

e.     Material:

Body: ASTM A356 Aluminum alloy for Gravity casting; ASTM A380Aluminum alloy for die casting

Handle kits: forged brass or ss304, Available: steel zn plated/Aluminumanodizing

Pull Ring and safety clip: ss304/galvanized steel.

Gasket: Buna-N (NBR) is standard, EPDM, PTFE, VITION andSilicon is available.

f.      Thread: BSP, NPT, ISO228,ISO7/1, DIN2999, G,PT

g.     Working Pressure: 1/2”-2”:250psi,2-1/2”-4”:150psi, 5”-6”: 75psi, 8”:50psi

3)     ICM Aluminum quick disconnect fittingsFeatures:

a.     Light weight and abrasion assistance--Save manpower, save cost and safety

b.     Economical and Dural- Save cost, imporve customer satisfication

c.     Anti-corrosion, so suitable forchemical & petroleum delivery--More Useful, more popular

d.     Convenient to connect ordisconnect by hand--Save time and save manpower

e.     Safety sealing for multi-medias:  water, powder, pellets, hydraulicoil, coolants, gasoline & petroleum products--More Useful, more competitive

4)     ICM AL Cam Lock Hose Adaptersand Fittings Application area:

AL Cam & Groove Hose Fittings are used in agriculturalirrigation, water transfer of construction and industries, and chemical &petroleum delivery, also in textiles, mining, brewing, inks, dyes, paper mills,fertilizers, and so on.

5)     ICM Aluminum Acoplamientoscamlock usage NOTE:

a.     Not be used in compress air andstream

b.     Before you assemble cam lockcouplings, check the real working environment for maximizing of the function ofthe coupling

c.     Choose the right gasket materialfor the suitable media

6)     Other Information:

Contact person: Wendy Liu

MP: +86-18660803139 (whatsapp)



a.     Sample: total free

b.     Packing: plastic bag-exportstandard paper carton-pallets

c.     Delivery time: within 35 daysafter confirming normal order

d.     Payment terms: by T/T, L/Csight or Usance L/C payable at sight, Papal, Western union.

e.     Available products: Industrieshose couplings and valves; Air hose couplings, Guillemin couplings, Storzcouplings, John Morris couplings, Bauer couplings, ball valves, flanges, screwpipe fittings, fire fighting hose and couplings and so on.

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