Forestry Hose Gated Wye valve-ICM WV1515
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Our Cast aluminum Gated WYE Valves are ultra light weight and durable.These WYE Valves are built according to meet US Forest Service Specifications(FSS) and are certified at 300 psi working pressure and 600 psi stagnantpressure. Steel ball Chrome coated and seating reduces friction while operatingunder pressure. Available in a variety of sizes, thread types, and finishes.


Technical data as follows:

Material: Body and Handle: ASTM A380 Aluminum

Forestry coupling: ASTM A380 aluminum with hard coatedanodizing

Ball: Steel chrome coated

Stem: ASTM A380 Aluminum

Thread: BSP.  (NPSH and NST is available)

Working Pressure: 300psi/21bar,

Proof Pressure: 450psi/42bar

Size available: 11/2”x11/2”x11/2”

If you are interested, please contact with us directly.


By call:+86-18660803139(whatsapp)

Contact: Wendy Liu

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